Smudge Sticks & Accessories | White Sage & Other Herbs

Get rid of negative energy with one of our smudge sticks.

 In my culture we call it 'bunning out crosses or negative energy'.

Effectively Smudging is a way of raising your vibration, cleansing yours, an objects or your home's energy.

Smudging enourages positive energy and there are a range of other scientifically proven benefits to your wellbeing and mental health.

Some of the benefits have been found to include improved sleep., improved energy, greater focus and more.

When you burn the stick the smoke fills and purifies the environment, clearing positive ions and releasing beneficial negative ions.

We;ve got some informaiton pages to help - here is information about smudging in general - benefits, how to smudge, when to smudge  and here is information the benefits of the various smudge sticks/herbs we have available.