10 practical tips on how to use and benefit from Selenite Crystal in your everyday routine

So you've heard all the super crystal Selenite, but how can you use it practically in your daily routine?

Here are our 10 top tips for using your Selenite Crystals practically.

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  1. Get a good night's sleep  - palmstone or egg under your pillow




  1. Instant stress relief - palmstone or egg



Night light 

Selenite lamps radiate light in all directions without getting hot. This makes them ideal to use as night lights even in a child's room. Having a signifcant source of Selenite in a bedroom close to the bed also has the added benefit of potentially helping with a good night's sleep.

Recommended - Browse our Mountain Selenite Lamps - available in 3 sizes.



  1. Banish negative energy from entering your home - small crystal/tower/spher at the doorway, window sills Creative a protective energy on boundary walls - mini pyramids, towers rough chunks



  1. Clear brain fog - pyramid, tower or lamp on a desk

 Brain fog is real! Help to promote mental clarity by keeping a piece of Selenite crystal on your desk. 




  1. Clear energy blockages / Chakra work - selenite wand




Cleanse & Recharge your crystals

'Super Selenite' not only cleanses and recharges itself it can also be used to cleanse and recharge all your crystals! Our selenite bowls are great for recharging your gemstone jewellery, while the Selenite charging plates are more suited for your larger crystals. 

Recommended - We absolutely love this heart shaped Selenite crystal charging bowl. Aesthetically pleasing and compact enough to not take up too much room on a night stand.

Meditation -



Create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere - selenite tealight holder

Flickering candlelight is naturally soothing, so when coupled with the reflections from a Selenite tealight holder you can get lost in the peaceful atmosphere created. Add a scented tealight, grab a good book and 


Gift the gift of peace - Selenite gift box

A Selenite gift set makes for a thoughtful gift for a family member, friend or colleague, particurlarly if they are into crystals, reiki and anything spiritual or should be! With a range of sets to suit all budgets, our Selenite starter gift set is a best seller. For something a bit more extragravant our New Home Selenite Set is also a winner 









What is Selenite?

Selenite is a crystallised form of gypsum that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes that can vary quite a lot in colour, although the most common form retailed is white or milky translucent. 

Selenite is a soft and very fragile translucent crystal and is easily scratched.Also known as satin spar, desert rose and gypsum flower, Selenite's name is derived from the Moon Godess Selene.

It is forms in enormous deposits and beds of sedimentary rocks such as limestone or in clay. Relatively common. Selenite can be found on several continents, including in countries like the USA, Russia, Poland, Greece, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Australia.


What are the benefits of using Selenite?

Many people believe that they benefit from using Selenite although these claims have no medical evidence.

Opens up the Crown Chakra 

Selenite is associated with the crown chakra, it has powerful metaphysical properties that can help to open it up.

Cleanses & Charges

Selenite also has cleansing and charging abilities, not just for itself but for any other crystals in its vicinity.

Promotes spirituality & peacefulness

The fine vibration of Selenite's various colours and shapes can help to promote a feeling of spirituality, connection and peacefulness in your home.


How can I use my Selenite products?

Selenite comes in various colours, shapes and sizes. Beautiful in their own right, Selenite Lamps, Towers and Tealight Holders will look stunning in your home, as well as providing the aforementioned benefits.


If you meditate you can incorporate Selenite into your space, allowing you to think clearly - clear Selenite in particular represents clarity.

Cleanse & Charge crystals

Selenite is considered a powerful crystal and can be used to cleanse and charge your other crystals. We recommend placing your crystals on the Selenite for at least 6 hours. 


How do I care for my Selenite products?

Selenite is extremely fragile and relatively easy to scratch and should be handled with care. 

As selenite is water soluble, using it around water for prolonged periods is not a great idea as this could lead to deterioration.Clean your Selenite products and keep them dust free by simply wiping/dusting with a soft cloth. The use of abrasive cleaners is not recommended.

Keep selenite out of direct prolonged sunlight, as this exposure can cause loss of luster.


What Selenite products are in the ZenDen?

We love Selenite at BlackToMyRoots, it's in literally every room! We have an extensive collection of Selenite products for your home, which also make fantastic gifts for your friends that are into 'crystals, reiki yoga, meditation or who should be!'

Selenite Lamps, Towers and Tealight Holders

Selenite Lamps

Extremely tactile, use these daily for meditation or a 'calm down' aid!

Selenite Tealight Holders

We have both white and orange Selenite Tealight Holders, in a variety of shapes to suit all tastes including a heart shaped, hamsa and cylinders.

The tealight flame flickers through the walls of the translucent Selenite and is extremely peaceful and calming.

Selenite Palm Stones / Spheres

Extremely tactile, use these daily for meditation or a 'calm down' aid!

Selenite Bowls

Prolonged close proximity to Selenite will charge and cleanse your other crystals, however our Selenite bowls take it to another level.

Perfect for charging your smaller crystals, hearts or they can even be used to store jewellery, although due to the 'softness' care is cautioned. 

Selenite Wands

There are 3 varieties of Selenite wand to choose from, double ended pointed or rounded and a one with a single ended point.

Selenite wands are typically used for reflexology and Chakra works as the shape of the wand helps to direct the energy flow and so are these are great to use to cleanse your aura.

When working with pointed wands, face the pointed end outwards to direct the negative energy away.

Selenite Towers

Our Selenite Towers and spheres can be placed wherever you want to focus in  pure, clean energy and are great on desks or in workspaces.  The Selenite Spheres and towers radiate the crystal’s vibration in all directions, like a dome of white, healing light. To create an 'energy shield' for your protected altar/space, you could place selenite towers in each corner of the room.

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