BathTime Bliss Bath Bomb Fragrances

Our Jumbo Bath Bombs, Floral Fizzers, Chill Pills and Shower Steamers are made from Natural Ingredients including Shea Butter. 

Jumbo Bath Bombs

  • Five for Him - A typically masculine fragrance formulated for some manly pampering. A heady bathroom experience with male appeal.
  • Peppermint & Tea Tree - Come alive with a blast of zingy peppermint and drop of refreshing tea tree.
  • Texas Dewberry - Inspired by Texas and fragranced with juicy, summery dewberry. Yeah ha!
  • Rose & Petals - nstant romance, just add to water! Luxuriate in relaxing rose aromas while real rose petals drift by.
  • Tangerine & Grapefruit - A great combination of fragrance to refresh and revive, and get you ready for anything.
  • Retro - There's something old-fashioned and comforting about this combination of cranberry and lime that will refresh and relax you.
  • Hawaiian Mango - Fragranced with mouth-watering mango, this juicy Hawaiian Mango bath bomb will make you think of grass skirts and tropical islands.
  • Baby Powder - Made with a soft floral and powdery scent that has become a popular fragrance.


Floral Fizzers

  • Romantic Rebel -

    Made with a blend of lavender and patchouli essential oil and a touch of rose fragrance, with dried rose petals.

    This bath fizz smells luxuriously floral and romantic, with a fragrance that may help you to relax and unwind.

Passion Fashion - 

Made with ylang ylang essential oil and rose fragrance, with dried rose petals.

This scent smells wonderfully sweet and floral, while ylang ylang essential oil is said to having soothing properties to help relaxation.

Dream in Blue

Made with chamomile and clary sage essential oil and a hint of vanilla scent, with dried chamomile petals.

This fragrance smells wonderfully aromatic, mellowed with sweet vanilla, while the essential oils are said to have naturally calming properties.

Force of Nature

With a chamomile and honey fragrance, with dried chamomile flowers, this bath fizz smells wonderfully sweet and floral.