Luxury Treat & Pamper Gift Sets| Boxes & Baskets

Our Luxury Treat & Pamper Gift Sets are jam packed full of our luxury Bath & Body products.

Our luxury Treat & Pamper Gift Sets are available in gift boxes or baskets and make a great pamper gift.

We've put together the best selling product combinations to take the hard work out of it. You can decide based on,.....

  • need - eg Sleepy Lavender set for someone who has problems sleeping
  • colour - pretty pinks to coordinate with a bathroom or favourite colour
  • fragrance - mango.

Or just choose the one that you think is the prettiest!

This page details the various Gift Set combinations that are currently available to buy in our ZenDen.

Luxury Treat & Pamper Bath & Body Gift Set Boxes & Hampers - available combinations

These are all available as either a BathTastic or Spoil Me Gift Box. Basket with cellophane and bow is also possible.

Rose Petals Pamper Gift Set 

These sets are romantic, the bath bomb contains rose petals and the handmade soap slice is topped with dried rose petals. These sets contain Rose Soul Sizzlers and Deepest Desires Aromatherapy Soul Soak.

This Gift Set would make a great 'romantic' gift to your partner (or to yourself #SelfLove)

BathTastic Gift Box | Spoil Me Gift Box

Figtastic Pamper Gift Set 

Baby Baby Pamper Gift Set

These Baby Baby Gift Sets evoke a sense of nostalgia and childhood, with that instantly recognisable floral powdery smell of baby powder. The Baby baby gift sets each contain Baby Baby  jumbo Shea Butter bath bomb, handmade tri colour soap slice  These sets contain Baby Powder Soul Sizzlers and either The Warm Up or Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Soul Soak.

BathTastic Gift Box | Spoil Me Gift Box

This Gift Set would make a great gift to your bestie or new mum (or to yourself #SelfLove)

Spicy Raspberry Pamper Gift Set 

The unique combination of raspberry and black pepper is a spicy fragrance. The Spicy Raspberry gift sets each contain Spicy Raspberry jumbo Shea Butter bath bomb, handmade Spicy Raspberry soap slice  These sets contain Wild Cherry Soul Sizzlers and either Oh So Opulent or Deepest Desires Aromatherapy Soul Soak.

BathTastic Gift Box | Spoil Me Gift Box

This Gift Set would make a great gift for your bestie or friend who needs a treat (or to yourself #SelfLove)

Sweet Fennel & Jojoba Pamper Gift Set 

Hawaiian Mango Pamper Gift Set 

Coconut Crush Petals Pamper Gift Set 

ChocOrange Pamper Gift Set 

Party Girl Pamper Gift Set 

Energising Pamper Gift Set