The Birth of a Brand

We are closely linked to RoyalDrip LDN, the original home of the BlackLikeMe children's collection. The concept for the collection, was the brainchild of a young entrepreneur, with a desire to provide Black children with clothing that had positive images of themselves on, represented by cute characters in a range of normal and 'fantasy' designs. 

Due to the overwhelming success of the BlackLikeMe collection in a short space of time, it become obvious that it was overshadowing the parent RoyalDrip brand. The decision was taken to move the collection to a new brand that was 100% focussed on community upliftment and empowerment. That new brand is BlackToMyRoots.

So here we are, the online department store for all your Pro Black| Conscious| Woke| Black Culture Inspired Clothing; Homewares including Soft Furnishings and Kitchenware; Accessories including phone cases and water bottles; Gifts and the home of BTMR Reflects Greeting Cards.