The Birth of a Brand

"Mum, why aren't there any clothes with cute black characters?"

That prophetic sentence from my then 10 year old in May 2020 was basically the catalyst for the BlackLikeMe Kids collection and ultimately BlackToMyRoots.

The perfect storm  - Lockdown - ie no school; Global outrage about the murder of George Floyd; laptop broken twice within a month!

Fast forward a month and RoyalDrip LDN the brand was born, launched on the 2nd ever Black Pound Day. It was the original home of the BlackLikeMe children's collection. The concept for the collection, the brainchild of my young entrepreneur, with a desire to provide Black children with clothing that had positive images of themselves on, represented by cute characters in a range of normal and 'fantasy' designs. 

Due to the overwhelming success of the BlackLikeMe collection in a short space of time, it become obvious that it was overshadowing the parent RoyalDrip brand. The decision was taken to move the collection to a new brand that was 100% focussed on community upliftment and empowerment, to Positively Represent the Underrepresented.

That new brand is BlackToMyRoots.

So here we are, the online department store where you can buy Afrocentric, Empowering and Uplifting clothing, gifts, accessories, home décor, cards, stationery and much more, alongside more 'contemporary' everyday items.

We are also passionate about mental health, self care and spiritual wellness, so it was a no brainer, to expand to include our ZenDen - the full range can be found over at