100% cotton Men's Muscle Top - Black King Chess (black)

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100% cotton Men's Muscle Top - Black King Chess (black)

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This Graphic Tee has a large white design - BlackToMyRoots' Black King Chess, the most important piece on the board.

This 100% cotton men's Muscle Tank would make a would make a unique Christmas, Birthday or any occasion gift for any male in your life you is a... Read More

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FAQs about our Adults & Kids Clothing

I see two logos, a round one and the green/black/yellow stripe. Which one will be on my order?

Your clothing will come with our new three stripe logo. We are currently in the process of updating our product photography on the website.

The round logo will still be used for the BLM SuperHeroes collection.

Does it really take 2 weeks to get a T shirt and Hoodie delivered?

The short answer is yes.

As part of our commitment to sustainability our clothing is printed on demand, rather than held in stock. This allows us to create personalised and bespoke designs for our customers.

We can offer a faster service for black or white adult unisex T Shirts, contact us for more information.