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Treat yourself to a Luxury Bath Experience with our large Bath Bomb Cakes.

Truly Magnificent! These extra large 220g Bath Bomb 'cakes' are perfect for a luxury bath experience when some 'me time' is required! Candles, music, incense, a good book are optional!

Made with the best ingredients, each luxury Bath Bomb Cake has been scrumptiously scented, lavishly decorated. Each variation comes with its own unique scent and colour, making the bath smell wonderful.

You are spoilt for choice with our 11 combinations.

Eight are made with blends of Essential Oils and may help to reduce stress and feelings of anxiety - Star Struck; uplift your mood/Clear your mind - Alive Alive; Relax and Unwind you - Romantic Rebel.

  • Romantic Rebel - Relax and Unwind - Lavender and Patchouli essential oil and a touch of rose fragrance, with dried rose petals.
  • Passsion Fashion - Sweet & Floral - Relax - Ylang Ylang essential oil and rose fragrance, with dried rose petals.
  • Dream in BlueMellow Aromatic - Calming - Chamomile and Clary Sage essential oil and a hint of vanilla scent, with dried chamomile petals.
  • Alive Alive - Invigorating - Mood Lifting/Clear Mind - Peppermint, Geranium and Rosemary essential oil, with dried mint
  • Lay Back and Languish - Relax and Soothe - Made with a blend of lavender and marjoram essential oil, with lavender flowers.
  • Star Struck  - Spicy Citrus -  Reduce stress and feelings of anxiety. -  Star Anise, Orange and Lime essential oil, with dried star anise seeds.
  • Lemon & Lime - Refreshing Citrus - Revitalise & Relax -  Made with a blend of lemon and lime essential oil.

3 just have fantastic fragrances and look fantastic!  - Guava, Force of Nature, Pear Drop

  • Force of NatureSweet & Floral - With a chamomile and honey fragrance, with dried chamomile flowers.
  • Guava - Tangy Fruity -Made with a mouthwatering tropical guava scent
  • Pineapple & Pomegranate -  Sweet Tart Winey - Made with a juicy pineapple and pomegranate fragrance.
  • Pear Drop - With the delicious fragrance of pear drops, this bath fizz is a guilt-free sweet treat.

Useful Information

  • Size - 3.4x8cm
  • Weight - 200g
  • Ingredients -  Floral Fizzer's ingredient list can be found here.
  • Available as singles or mix and match 3 for £10
  • Gift Sets with Magnificent Floral Fizzers are available here
  • As this is a hand made product and due to the nature of the item, there may be some airline cracks.

Delivery Information

  • UK - Light £4.00 - Items dispatched within 3-5 working days, Royal Mail 48 Hour Standard
  • Europe -  Small Box under 1kg - £25 - 3 day Express Delivery

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