Smudge Sticks | 10 cm | Single Herb

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How often do you smudge?

There are at least 8 benefits to smudging, including clearing the air of bacteria, dust and other allergens, as well as cleansing negative energy. The effects on our brain - it releases Serotonin mean that it helps us to have improved sleep, increases focus and helps us to relax.

BlackToMyRoots is a passionate advocate of Black Mental Health and so felt it important to be able to offer a range of Smudge sticks, With a price that should leave you relaxed!

Great gifts for a spiritualist, yogi, or someone moving into a new home, or for you if you like to smudge or if you just want to try it out. Get rid of the negative 2020 energy and grab your smudge today.

Useful Information

  • Length - 10cm long
  • Quantity - single herb smudge sticks 
  • Available Options - 11 herb options are available.

Delivery Information

  • UK - Light £3.50 - you can order up to 10 smudge sticks for this price. Delivered in 5 working days
  • USA/Canada - not currently available
  • Europe - not currently available.

More information on Smudge Sticks is available here.

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