5 UK Black Doll Brands to support this Christmas

5 UK Black Doll Brands to support this Christmas

Looking for a realistic doll to give as a Christmas Present this year?

I am passionate about our children having books, toys, clothing, accessories and home decor that reflect them. In a world where Whiteness is still held up to be the single standard of beauty, Black children need to see themselves reflected and more importantly recognise the beauty in that reflection.

Sadly, nothing much has changed since the Black Psychologists, Kenneth and Mamie Clark conducted the dolls test - basically the children even the black children choose the white dolls and associated them with beauty and being good, whilst the black dolls were perceived as ugly and bad. There have been numerous iterations of this experiment since then and it would seem that there is still a lot of work to be done in building Black Children's self esteem.

From an early age our children need to know that their Black is Beautiful and they should see themselves reflected in their surroundings. Dolls are sometimes the first playmate a child may have and it is instrumental in their early development.

When I was growing up (back in the olden days!) I had one doll, a Sindy doll, who's hair I would plait and twist constantly. I would have loved a black doll growing up especially one with hair that looked like mine.

One of my daughter's godmothers got her a black doll in Jamaican colours when she was a baby and she also had the black baby born, but I ! wasn't aware of any UK owned Black doll brands back then.

Luckily times are changing and there is a growing selection of Black Dolls available for our children and even better they are by Black owned businesses.

Black dolls are not just for Black children! It's good for White children to play with Black dolls 

Here are our top 5 UK Owned Black Doll Brands.

Biankha & Friends

    We absolutely love the Biankha and friends range and this was before having the pleasure of meeting the lovely owner at the first ever Coca Kids Fest in Oct 21.

    With Dolls, Back Packs, Umbrellas and more

    NIa Ballerina

    Perfect for th budding ballerina, Nia, which also means purpose is available as a doll, there is also a musical jewellery box, rucksack and hoodie.

    Zuree Dolls

      We love the Rasta Teddy and all the other Caribbean dolls that Zuree offers. The first patois speaking doll and we love it!

      Tafari Dolls


      Just Like Me Toys


      Have you got a Black Owned Doll brand you think should be included in this post? Leave the details in the comments.

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