Vision & Values

BlackToMyRoots is an Unapologetically Black Department Store.

So while we welcome all shoppers, our target audience is the long neglected and under represented Black Community.

We Reflect, Respect, Appreciate and Understand the Black Community.

Our focus is on the promotion of positive representation and self identity within the Black Community.

We believe that the constant bombardment of negative images/media coverage of our community is detrimental to our growth and our own self perception.

Our core clothing range is designed to Empower, Uplift, Inspire and Motivate the Black Community with images and slogans. 

Our BlackLikeMe Children's Collection aims to provide Black Children with characters that look like them and that promote a sense of pride and belief in self.

Positive sense of self that breeds confidence, which in the words of Marcus Moziah Garvey, ' With confidence, half the battle is won'.

Stimulate. Educate, Motivate

This is our motto....we want to be......

STIMULATing debate - amongst our community, tackling age old issues head on with a solution focussed forward looking approach.

EDUCATing minds - young or old, Black and White on a range of subjects ranging from History, Business, Personal Finance , Education  - practical information and tools to make a tangible difference.

MOTIVATing our Community - to say enough is enough, no more silence,no more trying to conform. It's time for us to become self sufficient, uplifted and empowered, reminiscent of the Tulsans of Black Wall Street.

Our Goals

Goal 1 - we aim to become the Black online equivalent of Harvey Nichols or Selfridges (but better!). Offering an extensive selection of top quality everyday items and gifts for our customers, with a large proportion of the products on sale reflective of our Black/African culture and represent them positively, 

Goal 2 - To collaborate with other Black Owned Brands and stock an extensive range of Black Owned Brands. 

Goal 3 - Restore that sense of Black Pride,. Shout from the rooftops that Black is Beautiful. Empower every young boy and girl to know that they are beautiful, talented and able. We want to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, doctors, architects, software programmers etc.  

We are proud of our Blackness and of your's too, for too long many of us have been stigmatised/ashamed of our Blackness, well we say no more. Enough is Enough. We will no longer be silent. 

Goal 4 - To dispel the myth that Black Businesses can't provide excellent customer service. At BlackToMyRoots, an excellent customer experience is standard. We plan on raising the bar for customer sevice and setting the standard for the future!