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Browse our wide variety of Afrocentric products designed to Empower, Uplift & Motivate a demographic too often represented negatively.

Grab an empowering hoodie for Dad at the same time you get some new bed linen. Everyday life, but with us represented at the core!

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BTMR Reflects | Colour | Spice | Style

Fresh from (my) Yard!

Say hello or better still Wha Gwarn to our latest BTMR Reflects Greetings Cards.

Inspired by the two feisiest women I know, my mum and my gran, these new Sarcastic Jamaican Congrats cards are sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who grew up with Jamaican parents or grandparents.

Oh Lawd, Show me the Cards
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Student Life

  • Kitchen Shop

    Contemporary & AfroCentric Cups, Chopping Boards, Coasters & Placements. Tableware, Cutlery, Glassware & more

  • Home Office

    Stationery, Storage, Desks & Phone accesories, some contemporary, some Afrocentric, all extremely stylish!

  • Hydrate

    Keep hydrated at the gym or on the go, with Hydro Flasks, Water Bottles & Travel Cups. Sustainable options available.

  • Let it Burn!

    Embark on an exotic and evocative fragrance journey in our Incense Emporium. Plant based incense sticks now available.

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  • Lifelong Memories

    Our photo upload collection allows you to turn treasured memories into a lasting lifelong precious gift.

  • #PoweredbyMelanin

    Our kids are SuperHeroes, powered by Melanin, but this needs to be reinforced constantly. Gift Self Confidence today.

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