With CONFIDENCE half the battle is won!

Marcus Garvey

Self Love & Confidence are key!

Empowering, Positive, Inspirational & Conscious Kids Collection

If you don't actually believe that you can achieve something then the likelihood is that you won't!

If you don't see yourself reflected positively in everyday society, if the stereotypes are negative, then that can have a massive impact on our children's outcomes.

Why? Because Mindset and Confidence are significant!

Our EPIC BLM Kids collection attempts to redress the balance.

Cute black characters on products they'll love to use, wear and show off to their friends.

#blmkids #positiverepresentationmatters



When Melanin is your SUPERPOWER!

Our kids are SuperHEROES and they need to know it!

The importance of seeing yourself reflected positively in your environment is well documented.

Black SuperHeroes are sadly lacking , although we love Black Panther! RIP Chadwick.

Both boys and girls can now see themselves reflected as superheroes.

"I won't rest until Black children are taught to love themselves. as THEMSELVES"

Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing

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Do you ship internationally?

All of our BLM Clothing, Cards, Notebooks, Phone Cases, Laptop Cases, Posters, Cups, Hdyro Flasks can be shipped worldwide.

Contact us for a delivery quote.

Love this idea what made you start?

I can't take the credit!

'Mum, why aren't there any clothes with cute black kids on?'

Life-changing words from my then 10 year old back in May 2020.

That's how we started. This is where we are at now.

You can read the long version here.

I'm not sure which size to get for my grandson, he's tall for his age.

Check the kids sizing guide.

The hoodies are quite a snug fit, so I'd go a size up, or even get an adult small.

If you need a kids design in adults size, contact us.

My daughter wants a BLM KIds themed birthday party, can you help?

Yes, we can arrange party invitations, goody bags and cake toppers.

We can also do personalised clothing for the birthday child.

Contact us for more information.

Lead time is a minimum of 2 weeks, depending on the order.

My niece turns 8 soon what would you recommend as a gift?

That really depends on your budget and what she's into,

Check out the latest bestsellers for inspiration. Anything from the Mermaids, Unicorns and Rainbows collection is normally a good choice.

BLM Kids seems to be for primary age and younger, anything for teens/pre teens?

We do have a couple of teens designs - the camo twins or our anime characters.

We are exploring a teens collection that should be available in the autumn.

Most of our adult designs are suitable for teens, but not specifically aimed at them.

Are you looking for brand ambassadors? My son would be perfect!

Yes, we are! Contact us for an informal chat and information pack.

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Personalised Graphic T Shirts, Hoodies, Water Bottles, Phone cases and much more....

Positive representation for our Children to identify with. .Choose from Black SuperHeroes and Heroines, Princeses, Santa's Helpers, Mermaids, Active Boys and Girls, Bakers and much more. Wearing clothes... Read More

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