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Our BlackLikeMe Kids Collection is E.P.I.C!

Empowering, Positive, Inspirational, Conscious 


Constant bombardment of negative images can lead to issues with confidence and a lack of self belief in some of our children. 

Our E.P.I.C BLM Kids collection attempts to redress the balance by providing a parents with a comprehensive selection of Empowering, Positive, Inspirational, Conscious Clothing, Home Decor and Accessories.

Featuring images, slogans and affirmations that will to help improve self confidence, self love and self belief with consistent exposure to them. 

From Cushions to Cups, Hoodies to Hydro Flasks, Prints to Puzzles, T Shirts to Towels and much much more..

All our BlackLikeMe Kids collection are shown below, but you may find it easier to shop by collection.