Luxury Bath Products - Fizzy | Bath Bombs | Floral Fizzers | Pamper Pills

Luxury products for a fizzy bath! - Bath Bombs & Eggs, Floral Fizzers & Pamper Pills.

You are spoilt for choice, with our BTMR ZenHome range of UK handmade Luxury Bath & Body Products. This is officially the place to be if you are looking for a luxury products to treat and pamper yourself (or a friend) at bathtime.

Our 'Fizzy' Collection includes our MEGA Bath Bombs - Shea Butter, Deluxe Shea Butter, Taste of Tropics & Delicious Bath Bombs, all weighing in at an Massively Enormous 180g and Gorgeously Aromatic! (MEGA!)

Our Essentially Aromatic Bath Bombs - Essential Oil Bath Bombs & Aromatherapy Bath Bombs are a more sedate 120-140g each but still pack a punch in the fizz department!

We always cater to the kids and have a range of smaller Bath Eggs for them that should help to make bath times a lot more fun.... especially if they're using a BLM Kids Personalised Towel to dry themselves with!

We've got mini Bath Bombs - Pamper Pills, that you can use in the bath or in your foot spa.

And for those Shower lovers, we've got you too - our range of Shower Steamers are bath bombs for the Shower!

Made from Natural Ingredients including Shea Butter. With the exception of our Tropical Treats Bombs all our bombs are SLS Free and Paraben Free and are Vegan Friendly and Animal Cruelty Free*

Find out more about our bath bombs here-  benefits and fragrances.