Jumbo Bath Bombs | Bath Time Bliss | Shea Butter

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7.5cm Diameter

Available in 26 fragrances (rest will be added as they come back in stock)

  • Five for Him - A typically masculine fragrance formulated for some manly pampering. A heady bathroom experience with male appeal.
  • Peppermint & Tea Tree - Come alive with a blast of zingy peppermint and drop of refreshing tea tree.
  • Texas Dewberry - Inspired by Texas and fragranced with juicy, summery dewberry. Yeah ha!
  • Rose & Petals - nstant romance, just add to water! Luxuriate in relaxing rose aromas while real rose petals drift by.
  • Tangerine & Grapefruit - A great combination of fragrance to refresh and revive, and get you ready for anything.
  • Retro - There's something old-fashioned and comforting about this combination of cranberry and lime that will refresh and relax you.
  • Hawaiian Mango - Fragranced with mouth-watering mango, this juicy Hawaiian Mango bath bomb will make you think of grass skirts and tropical islands.
  • Baby Powder - Made with a soft floral and powdery scent that has become a popular fragrance.

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