Top 15 Gifts for Bath Lovers - May 2021

Top 15 Gifts for Bath Lovers - May 2021

What are the best gifts you can buy for a Bath Lover?

As a self confessed bath addict, bath junkie, bath lover, whatever you want to call me, one of the best gifts you could get me (if it doesn't involve me dusting off my passport) is anything bath related!

If you know a bath lover and need to ge them a gift, this is my personal top 15 gift ideas that would definitely appreciated by any self respecting bath lover! 

Pre Bath Gifts

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Half of the fun is setting the atmosphere and music plays a massive part of this. Yes you can have Alexa playing loudly, but for the Ultimate - get them a Bluetooth Waterproof speaker - I'll be investing in one myself!

Bath Tray/Caddy


This season's must have bathroom accessory. You will earn serious brownie points if you gift this to a bath lover!



Scented Candles



Soap Dish/Bathroom Accesory



Hair Bonnet/Hair Band

In Bath Gifts


Handmade Soap/Bath Bombs/Bath Soaks



Personalised Glass/Cup

A nice glass of wine, tipple of your choice or even a fruity tea while relaxing in the bath feels a bit decadent. Up the levels of indulgence by gifting them their own personalised glass or cup, does a fantastic range of personalised glassware and it's hard to choose our favourite, but afer much debate we'd recommend this personalised flute.

Back Scrubber/Loofah

After Bath Gifts





These hotel style personalised slippers are our recommendation



Dressing Gown

This super soft 100% cotton dressing gown can be embroidered with up to 12 letters.

Body Butter


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