Empowering | Positive | Inspirational | Conscious

"With confidence, you have won even before you have started. "

Marcus Garvey

Personalised Jigsaw Puzzles

A fantastic brain trainer and short term memory improver, jigsaw puzzles are fun for the whole family and perfect to keep boredom at bay during the holidays.

BONUS! These puzzles can be personalised and have images that represent and reflect your children!

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Positive Representation Matters!

This is not up for debate! Our children need to see themselves represented in both fantasy and everyday life! The brainchild of my 10 year old, our BlackLikeMe Kids collection is Empowering, Positive, Inspirational & Conscious.

Boost their confidence and remind them that they are EPIC and Powered by Melanin!

I AM EPIC Collection

"I won't rest until Black children are taught to love themselves as themselves."

Dr Frances Kress Welsing