BTMR Reflects | Cards & Stationery that Reflect & Represent You.

BTMR Reflects is the latest addition to our family

It's been something that's been on my to do list since starting BlackToMyRoots and we have had a few cards up since opening, but nothing like the vision that I have.

In the same way that the Legacy collection is inspired by my mum, BTMR Reflects is also. My mum had a thing about cards - you couldn't give her a card with a dog on it - After mi a no dawg! Nor anything with white people on it - A mi dis fa? 


BTMR Reflects Cards & Stationery are a combination of black images, photography and sayings and slogans that will resonate with the recipient. We also have a contemporary minimalist range as personally those are the type of cards I prefer - so why not!

Cards come in 4 sizes as standard

  • 6*4"
  • 6*6"
  • 7*5"
  • A4