Vegan Aromatherapy Essential Oils Soy Wax Candles | HARMONY

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Vegan Aromatherapy Essential Oils Soy Wax Candles | HARMONY

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Looking for Vegan Aromatherapy Candle made from Soy Wax and Essential Oils. Here it is!

Perfect to help you unwind after a hectic day, HARMONY is a soothing and calming candle. 

You should feel a sense of peace and calm when you burn this natural soy wax candle... Read More

Product Features

200g / 20cl Aromatherapy Candle made from ethically sourced plant wax base, with a cotton wick, recycled glass container and a screw top lid.

Hand poured in England
40 Hour Burn Time
Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly
No Palm Oil
No Paraffin Wax
Pure Essential Oils
No Synthetic Colours or Fragrances

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Care/Usage Information

, To prevent tunnelling, burn for around 2 hours or until the melted wax has reached the edge of the jar when you first use.

Never burn a soy wax candle for more than 3 hours.

Always keep the cotton wick trimmed to 5mm.

Once extinguished allow your candle to cool for at least one hour before relighting.